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We are glad that you've taken the time to visit TCVirtual on the Web. Our goal is to help you sell real estate and we hope that you find our site both useful and informative. As a value added service, we have put together some pointers and information relating specifically to real estate virtual tours and marketing your listings on the web in general.

1. Let Sellers Know You Are a "Virtual Agent"
Are you offering 360 TCVirtual Tours at all of your listing presentations? Don't lose out on a significant opportunity to increase your business!

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! Remember the TCVirtual 3Rs - Repost, Recycle & Refresh! TCVirtual maintains an extensive online database of all of the virtual tours we've posted over the past several years and you can tap into this resource at considerable savings.

For example, if you relist a property that previously had a TCVirtual tour linked to it, REPOST it to the new MLS# for only $10. Reposting the tour includes updating the listing information as well as free redistribution.

If you take on a new listing that previously had a TCVirtual tour posted to it, RECYCLE that tour to reflect the new MLS#, your brokerage and personal contact information for just half of the regular price!

And finally, if you've had a listing on the market for awhile and the sellers have made some upgrades to the property since the original tour had been filmed, REFRESH the old tour with new views to reflect these improvements for nothing more than the already low, per view rates we offer!

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! NAR statistics show that 80% of Internet home shoppers are looking for homes priced under $200,000. 79% of these people are under the age of 44; many are first time home buyers and more than 70% indicate virtual tours are valuable when looking for a home and saves them time. Watch your inventory grow by guaranteeing to all your customers that their homes will stand out.

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! Maximize your marketing dollars by offering 360 TCVirtual Tours on all of your listings! Virtual tours enhance every one of your listings by showcasing the features people can't see driving by. Promote "on-line drive-by's" with 360 TCVirtual Tours on® as well as your personal, brokerage and MLS board web sites.

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! Communicate to your customers that ALL your listings are worth showing. There is a buyer for every house. First time buyers generally look for lower priced homes or fixer-uppers.

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! First time home buyers will remember how marketing-savvy you are when it comes time for them to make a more expensive home purchase. Being able to provide your customers a 360 TCVirtual Tour of their home, not only communicates you are a savvy professional with the best knowledge of the market, but that you also know how to best showcase their property.

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! Having 360 TCVirtual Tours allows you to qualify buyers before you ever show the house. This provides the home seller with the highest level of security, less foot traffic, and faster closings.

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! Your brokerage may already be offering you the power of 360 TCVirtual Tours at a discounted rate because they know that providing them will increase your business and ultimately their own. Contact TCVirtual today and start growing your business tomorrow!

Show Buyers That You Are a Virtual Agent! 2. Announce New Listings with Virtual Tour e-Flyers
e-Mail your new listing virtual tour to all the members in your local board in a clean, professional looking e-flyer that doesn't have any bulky attachments... There is no better way to expose your latest listing! Most agents are numb to copyshop flyers because they see them every day... send them an e-Flyer and and they will remember your effort and your listing! Certainly, someone on your local board is working with a buyer that's perfect for this property and you'll be making it much easier for that buyer's agent to show and sell your latest listing.

3. Get Expired Listings With Virtual Tours
Offer 360 TCVirtual Tours as part of your Internet marketing strategy, and give the listing an open house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to more than 100 million potential people on the Internet! This will give their house the exposure it needs to sell quickly while minimizing the inconvenience to your homeowners.

TCVirtual - Digital Imaging Solutions - Northern Michigan's Virtual Media Source! Tell the home seller that you will use your e-mail to send a virtual tour e-flyer to other agents and to your farm to give your listing the added attention it needs to sell quickly. In addition, tell them that you will send the tour to any e-mail address they provide you.

4. Use Virtual Tours as a Prospecting Tool
Virtual tours are a great prospecting tool to get appointments with FSBO's and Expired Listings... drop a copy of one of your virtual tours on diskette or CD-Rom into a FedEx envelope and send it to a new FSBO or expired listing and wait for the phone to ring! The other agents in your marketplace are still writing long, boring letters and trying to beg for listings while you'll be responding to endless requests from FSBO's and expired listings to come over and show them your marketing plan!! Try it once and you'll never go back to cold calling...

The Exposure to Maximize Your Marketing Dollars! 5. Pass Out Tours on Disk at Open Houses
Copy your most recent listing's virtual tour onto a CD-Rom and create a customized label for very little time and cost. Give them out like you would give out business cards (or candy if it's trick or treat!). Make sure you're ready for the flood of e-mail leads you'll get from potential customers!

6. Give A Virtual Tour as a Closing Gift
Whether you are representing the seller or the buyer, give the buyers a custom CD-Rom of their new home as a closing gift! A CD with a virtual tour of their new home on it can easily be shared with every one of your buyer's friends and family. And whose name is on the virtual tour? Your name, e-mail address and phone number of course!! Just think about all the referrals!

7. Ally Yourself With the Best in the Industry!
As the leading provider of online information, products and services for the real estate industry,, Inc. & REALTOR.COM® are making real estate transactions easier for both real estate professionals and consumers alike.

REALTOR.COM® is the official web site of the National Association of Realtors and is undisputed leader of real estate listings and technology on the Web!

TCVirtual is a proud partner in the REALTOR.COM® distribution network, PicturePathTM and an affiliate member of the Traverse Area Association of Realtors since 2000.

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